Web console

The Couchbase web console is the main tool for managing the Couchbase environment.

Important: A newer version of this software with updated documentation is available. Visit the Couchbase Developer Portal for more information.

The web console provides the following tabs:

  • Cluster Overview - A quick guide to the status of your Couchbase cluster.
  • Server Nodes - To show active nodes, node configuration, node activity and performance, and cluster statistics. Provides node failover, node removal.
  • Data Buckets - To create data buckets, edit bucket settings, and view bucket statistics.
  • Views - To create and manage view functions for indexing and querying data including managing documents.
  • Log - To display errors and problems.
  • Settings - To provide configuration and information for the cluster, update notifications, auto failover, alerts, auto compaction, sample buckets, and account management.