Remove Cloud Resources and Close Your Account

    You can remove the resources that Couchbase Capella has deployed in your cloud provider account so that you can avoid accruing additional infrastructure cost.

    If you’ve selected to let Capella install Couchbase Server in Your Cloud Account, rather than in Couchbase’s Cloud Account, then you’ll need to follow a few extra steps.

    Couchbase Capella Free Trial lasts for one month, after which time it will automatically delete the Cluster if you do not upgrade to an Enterprise account. You can upgrade through the dashboard, as well as by contacting a sales representative.

    Should you finish your development trial early, and wish to save unnecesary use of Cloud resources, instructions for removing the deployed resources follow.

    Remove Resources That Run in Your Cloud Provider

    Couchbase Capella maintains the following resources in your cloud provider:

    • Clusters and any associated backups

    • Connected clouds (virtual private clouds)

    Capella tracks and manages these resources for you, and you should never try to manually delete them.

    To remove any or all of these resources, refer to the documentation for deleting clusters and deleting connected clouds.

    Close Your Account

    Your personal Capella account can be a member of multiple organizations.

    If you want to leave one organization, but remain a member of another, you can simply remove yourself from an individual organization. You are allowed to remove yourself from any and all organizations, so long as there remains at least one user in each organization that has the Organization Owner role.

    If you are in charge of an organization and its billing obligations, you will need to either hand off those obligations to other users, or you will need to delete the organization entirely. Handing off your obligations to other users simply means ensuring that the proper users have the been promoted to the Organization Owner role, and that the organization’s billing information is up-to-date.

    If you leave all organizations, your account will still remain active, but you will no longer be able to log into the Couchbase Capella UI. Only once you’ve been re-invited to an organization will you be able to log in again.

    Deleting an Organization

    To completely delete an organization, you will need to do the following:

    1. Delete all clusters and delete all connected clouds

      This ensures that there are no remaining resources left that can accrue costs in Capella or in your cloud provider account.

    2. Contact Couchbase Capella Support

      The Support team will help you settle any remaining billing obligations and then delete your organization for you.

    Contact Couchbase Capella Support to Finalize Account Deletion

    If you leave all organizations, your account will still remain active. To completely delete your account, you will need to contact the Couchbase Capella Support team to perform the final deletion.

    Once the Support team deletes your account, you will no longer be able to use the same email address to create a new Couchbase Cloud account. Likewise, Capella users will no longer be able to use that same email address to invite you to their organizations.