Local Database Replication — Working with Replications


    Description — Couchbase mobile database local replication concepts
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    Couchbase Lite supports replication between two local databases. This allows a Couchbase Lite replicator to store data on secondary storage. It is especially useful in scenarios where a user’s device may be damaged and its data moved to a different device.

    Example 1. Replication between Local Databases
    DatabaseEndpoint targetDatabase = new DatabaseEndpoint(database2);
    ReplicatorConfiguration replicatorConfig = new ReplicatorConfiguration(database1, targetDatabase);
    // Create replicator (be sure to hold a reference somewhere that will prevent the Replicator from being GCed)
    replicator = new Replicator(replicatorConfig);

    Note: The code does not compile in Couchbase Lite Community Edition.