Scan Consistency Using the .NET SDK with Couchbase Server

You can balance performance against consistency in N1QL queries via the Couchbase .NET client and the AtPlus option.

Setting a Scan Consistency, lets you choose between NotBounded (the default), for sharpest performance; RequestPlus, for strongest consistency; and AtPlus, for a good balance between increased performance and completeness of results.

In order to use at_plus, you’ll need to make sure that you explicitly set UseEnhancedDurability to true when setting up your ClientConfiguration:

config.BucketConfigs = new Dictionary<string, BucketConfiguration> {
        "travel-sample", new BucketConfiguration
            UseEnhancedDurability = true

In the example below, the N1QL query will wait only for the new document to be indexed.

Setting at_plus consistency
private static void AtPlusExample()
    Console.WriteLine("========= AtPlus");

    // get the current count
    var getResult = _bucket.Query<dynamic>("SELECT COUNT(1) as airportCount FROM `travel-sample` WHERE type='airport'")
    Console.WriteLine($"Initial count: {result1.airportCount}");

    // insert a new airport
    var doc = new Document<dynamic>
        Id = "ScanConsistency::airport::" + _random.Next(10000),
        Content = new
            type = "airport"
    var insertResult = _bucket.Insert(doc);

    // get the count again, creating mutation state from insert result
    var state = MutationState.From(insertResult.Document);
    var request = new QueryRequest("SELECT COUNT(1) as airportCount FROM `travel-sample` WHERE type='airport'")
    var queryResult = _bucket.Query<dynamic>(t).Rows.First();
    Console.WriteLine($"Count after insert with AtPlus: {result2.airportCount}");