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Couchbase Distributed ACID Transactions for .NET SDK Release Notes


    Couchbase Distributed ACID Transactions is distributed as a separate library for the .NET SDK. This page features the release notes for that library — for release notes, download links, and installation methods for the latest 3.x .NET SDK releases, see the current Release Notes page.

    Using Distributed Transactions

    See the Distributed ACID Transactions concept doc in the server documentation for details of how Couchbase implements transactions. The Distributed Transactions HOWTO doc walks you through all aspects of working with Distributed Transactions.

    Version 1.0.0.beta.1 (3 November 2020)

    Known Issues

    • Early beta has not been profiled for memory/cpu usage or other performance issues.

    • Logging is minimal and tracing is not implemented.

    Fixed Issues

    • TXNN-51: Fixup CheckWriteWriteConflict implementation.

    • TXNN-33: preExistingStagedInsertFoundOneFailureTryingToGet Failure.

    • TXNN-38: Transactions leave out transaction metadata on the documents.

    • TXNN-40: Transaction Insert and rollback leaves behind an empty document.

    • TXNN-41: Transaction cannot perform two replaces on same document.

    • TXNN-42: MultiThreaded transaction does not delete a document if another thread updates it.

    • TXNN-48: StandardTest.insertStagesBackupMetadata fails because FitPerformer thinks it doesn’t support AccessDeleted.

    • TXNN-52: Cleanup leaves sentinel for ATR entry, rather than removing entry.

    • TXNN-47: TXNN Fit Performer needs to implement Cleanup hooks.

    New Features and Behavioral Changes.

    • TXNN-26: Get and GetOptional do the same thing and have the same return type.

    • TXNN-43: Transaction get throws Nullreference exception instead of DocumentNotFound.

    Version 1.0.0.alpha.1 (13 October 2020)

    Fixed Issues

    • TXNN-15: Implement transaction Cleanup.

    • TXNN-16: Error Raising / Handling per spec.

    • TXNN-18: Using outdated ATR Ids.

    • TXNN-20: Should throw TransactionOperationFailed on individual op failure.

    • TXNN-28: Rename any awaitable methods that return Task to XxxAsync part 2.

    • TXNN-29: TransactionResult has a MutationToken but not a MutationState.

    • TXNN-30: Add UnstagingComplete to TransactionResult.

    New Features and Behavioral Changes

    • TXNN-3: API stub for transactions.

    • TXNN-36: Rename to XXXAsync, part 3.

    • TXNN-1: Test Performer Bringup.

    • TXNN-2: Transactions API Implementation.

    • TXNN-4: Implement txn API: Get/Replace/Remove.

    • TXNN-5: Implement txn API: Core Loop.

    • TXNN-6: Implement txn API: Implement Rollback.

    • TXNN-11: Create Demo App in C#/.NET.

    • TXNN-13: Author C#/.NET documentation for Txns.

    • TXNN-22: Implement cleanup post transaction.

    • TXNN-7: Implement ExpirationOvertimeMode.

    • TXNN-34: Make Couchbase.FitPerformer a friend assembly.

    • TXNN-10: Update transactions-fit-performer to latest couchbase-transactions-dotnet.

    • TXNN-25: Rename any awaitable methods that return Task to XxxAsync.

    • TXNN-35: Various refactorings to remove compiler warnings in FitPerformer.

    • TXNN-17: Finish implementing CheckWriteWrite.

    • TXNN-37: Add ILoggerFactory to TransactionsConfig.