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Deleting documents

Describes how to delete documents using the remove() method.


You can remove a document by utilizing the remove() method.

// Remove the document by its ID.
JsonDocument doc = bucket.remove("id");

If you pass in a document which also has the CAS value populated, the SDK will make sure to only delete the document if they match:

// Create document with some content
JsonDocument stored = bucket.upsert(JsonDocument.create("mydoc", JsonObject.create()));

// Delete it with the CAS check included
JsonDocument removed = bucket.remove(stored);

If successful, the returned Document has the id and cas fields populated, all other fields are set to their default values.

If the document is not found, a DocumentNotFoundException is raised. When the document is found but the cas values do not match, a CASMismatchException is raised.

Durability Requirements

If no durability requirements are set on the remove method, the operation will succeed when the server acknowledges the document delete in its managed cache layer. While this is a performant operation, there might be situations where you want to make sure that your document deletion has been persisted or replicated so that it survives power outages and other node failures.

The remove method provides overloads to supply such requirements:

JsonDocument remove(String id, PersistTo persistTo);
JsonDocument remove(String id, ReplicateTo replicateTo);
JsonDocument remove(String id, PersistTo persistTo, ReplicateTo replicateTo);

D remove(D document, PersistTo persistTo);
D remove(D document, ReplicateTo replicateTo);
D remove(D document, PersistTo persistTo, ReplicateTo replicateTo);

You can configure either just one or both of the requirements when removing. From an application point of view nothing needs to be changed when working with the response, although there is something that need to be kept in mind:

The internal implementation first performs a regular remove operation and afterwards starts polling the specifically affected cluster nodes for the state of the document. If something fails during this operation (and failing the Observable), the original operation might have succeeded nonetheless.

// Remove the document and make sure the delete is persisted.
JsonDocument doc = bucket.remove("id", PersistTo.MASTER);

// Remove the document and make sure the delete is replicated.
JsonDocument doc = bucket.remove("id", ReplicateTo.ONE);

// Remove the document and make sure the delete is persisted and replicated.
JsonDocument doc = bucket.remove("id", PersistTo.MASTER, ReplicateTo.ONE);