@interface CBLQueryResult : NSObject <CBLArray, CBLDictionary>

CBLQueryResult represents a single row in the query result. The projecting result value can be accessed either by using a zero based index or by a key corresponding to the CBLQuerySelectResult objects given when constructing the CBLQuery object.

A key used for accessing the projecting result value could be one of the followings:

  • The alias name of the CBLQuerySelectResult object.
  • The last component of the keypath or property name of the property expression used when creating the CBLQuerySelectResult object.
  • The provision key in $1, $2, …$N format for the CBLQuerySelectResult that doesn’t have an alias name specified or is not a property expression such as an aggregate function expression (e.g. count(), avg(), min(), max(), sum() and etc). The number suffix after the ‘$’ character is a running number starting from one.
  • Not Available.



    - (nonnull instancetype)init;