Class IndexBuilder

  • public final class IndexBuilder
    extends Object
    IndexBuilder used for building database index objects. Use Database.createIndex(IndexConfiguration, String)
    • Method Detail

      • predictiveIndex

        public static PredictiveIndex predictiveIndex​(@NonNull
                                                      String model,
                                                      Expression input,
                                                      List<String> properties)

        Create a predictive index with the given predictive model name, input specification to the predictive model, and the properties of the prediction result.

        The input given specification should be matched to the input specification given to the query prediction() function so that the predictive index can be matched and used in query.

        The predictive index is different from the normal index in that the predictive index will also cache the prediction result along with creating the value index of the specified properties. If the properties are not specified, the predictive index will only cache the prediction result so that the prediction model will not be called again after indexing. If multiple properties are specified, a compound value index will be created from the given properties.

        model - The predictive model name.
        input - The input specification that should be matched with the input specification given to the query prediction function.
        properties - The prediction result's properties to be indexed.
        The predictive index.
      • valueIndex

        public static ValueIndex valueIndex​(@NonNull
                                            ValueIndexItem... items)
        Create a value index with the given index items. The index items are a list of the properties or expressions to be indexed.
        items - The index items
        The value index
      • fullTextIndex

        public static FullTextIndex fullTextIndex​(@NonNull
                                                  FullTextIndexItem... items)
        Create a full-text search index with the given index item and options. Typically the index item is the property that is used to perform the match operation against with.
        items - The index items.
        The full-text search index.