Interface Logger

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    ConsoleLogger, FileLogger

    public interface Logger
    The logging interface for Couchbase Lite. If an application wants to receive log messages to an arbitrary endpoint, then it can by implementing this interface. !!! There is, currently, no way to tell when the log level changes for a custom logger. Setting a more verbose log level will not have any effect until the logger is polled for its level.
    • Method Detail

      • getLevel

        LogLevel getLevel()
        Gets the level that will be logged via this logger.
        The maximum level to log
      • log

        void log​(@NonNull
                 LogLevel level,
                 LogDomain domain,
                 String message)
        Performs the actual logging logic
        level - The level of the message to log
        domain - The domain of the message to log
        message - The content of the message to log