Class ResultSet

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      • next

        public Result next()
        Move the cursor forward one row from its current row position. Caution: next() method and iterator() method share same data structure. Please don't use them together. Caution: In case ResultSet is obtained from QueryChangeListener, and QueryChangeListener is already removed from Query, ResultSet is already freed. And this next() method returns null.
        the Result after moving the cursor forward. Returns null value if there are no more rows, or ResultSet is freed already.
      • allResults

        public List<Result> allResults()
        Return List of Results. List is unmodifiable and only supports int get(int index), int size(), boolean isEmpty() and Iterator<Result> iterator() methods. Once called allResults(), next() method return null. Don't call next() and allResults() together.
        List of Results
      • iterator

        public Iterator<Result> iterator()
        Return Iterator of Results. Once called iterator(), next() method return null. Don't call next() and iterator() together.
        Specified by:
        iterator in interface Iterable<Result>
        an iterator over the elements in this list in proper sequence