Package org.json

Class JSONException

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    public class JSONException
    extends Exception
    Thrown to indicate a problem with the JSON API. Such problems include:
    • Attempts to parse or construct malformed documents
    • Use of null as a name
    • Use of numeric types not available to JSON, such as NaNs or infinities.
    • Lookups using an out of range index or nonexistent name
    • Type mismatches on lookups

    Although this is a checked exception, it is rarely recoverable. Most callers should simply wrap this exception in an unchecked exception and rethrow:

      public JSONArray toJSONObject() {
         try {
             JSONObject result = new JSONObject();
         } catch (JSONException e) {
             throw new RuntimeException(e);
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    • Constructor Detail

      • JSONException

        public JSONException​(String s)
      • JSONException

        public JSONException​(String message,
                             Throwable cause)
      • JSONException

        public JSONException​(Throwable cause)