Class Collation

Direct Known Subclasses:
Collation.ASCII, Collation.Unicode

public class Collation extends Object
Collation defines how strings are compared and is used when creating a COLLATE expression. The COLLATE expression can be used in the WHERE clause when comparing two strings or in the ORDER BY clause when specifying how the order of the query results. CouchbaseLite provides two types of the Collation, ASCII and Unicode. Without specifying the COLLATE expression Couchbase Lite will use the ASCII with case sensitive collation by default.
  • Method Details

    • ascii

      @NonNull public static Collation.ASCII ascii()
      Creates an ASCII collation that will compare two strings by using binary comparison.
      The ASCII collation.
    • unicode

      @NonNull public static Collation.Unicode unicode()
      Creates a Unicode collation that will compare two strings by using Unicode Collation Algorithm. If the locale is not specified, the collation is Unicode-aware but not localized; for example, accented Roman letters sort right after the base letter
      The Unicode collation.
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      @NonNull public String toString()
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