Couchbase Node.js Release Notes and Download Archives

Preparing for Installation

Install Couchbase Server first, if you haven’t done so already. Refer to the installation guide for server installation instructions.

The SDK installation process will build libcouchbase (LCB) and other dependencies for you, so you will need the build tools for your platform, such as Visual Studio or GCC (more details in the LCB installation pages).

The Couchbase Node.js Client will run on any supported LTS version of Node.js — currently, 6.x, 8.x, and 10.x. On the Windows platform, it may be necessary to update the version of Node.js that Visual Studio points to.

The latest versions of Node.js can be downloaded from the Node.js website, and Nodesource provides instructions for each Linux distribution that Couchbase supports.

CentOS 6 does not have a recent enough GCC to build libcouchbase and couchnode (the Node.js Couchbase client). Installing the Developer Toolset 7 will give you the build environment that you need, as well as the runtime libraries necessary for the Node.js SDK.

Installing the SDK

To install the SDK, simply use npm:

npm install couchbase

To install an older version, specify the version directly with npm. For example, to install version 2.4.5:

npm install couchbase@2.4.5

Version 2.6.3 (February 8 2019)

Version 2.6.3 is a minor maintenance release of the 2.6 series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.6.3

New Features

  • JSCBC-533: Added support for async contexts.

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-526: Setting configuration changes on a bucket before connecting to it will no longer fail.

  • JSCBC-528: Fixed missing inline AnalyticsQuery documentation for bucket querying.

  • JSCBC-527: Improved error message for unknown HTTP errors.

  • JSCBC-541: Updated to libcouchbase 2.10.2.

  • JSCBC-542: Parameter handling rewritten for updated LCB operations in support of Analytics Ingress and Deferred Querying.

  • JSCBC-415: Improved tests to support variable cluster versions.

  • JSCBC-539: Traces now end at correct point for FTS and N1QL, covering entire operation.

  • JSCBC-540: Fixed Winston logging warning for newest loggers.

  • JSCBC-529: Added insert/upsert documentation in mutateIn method.

Version 2.6.2 (4 December 2018)

Version 2.6.2 is a minor maintenance release of the 2.6 series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.6.2

New Features

  • JSCBC-520: Added name property to Bucket objects for easier access.

Version 2.6.1 (13 November 2018)

Version 2.6.1 is the first maintenance release of the 2.6 series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.6.1

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-515: Fixed issue with special characters causing errors with Node 11.x.

  • JSCBC-517: Updated all third-party dependencies to their latest versions.

  • Various minor changes.

Version 2.6.0 (2 October 2018)

Version 2.6.0 is the first general availability release of the 2.6 series. It adds support for the upcoming Couchbase Server 6.0’s features such as the new Analytics Service, improvements to Full Text Search, support for more complex network configurations along with many small improvements and fixes.

$ npm install couchbase@2.6.0

New Features

  • JSCBC-497: Added expanded support for Couchbase Analytics, including parameterized queries, support for rebalancing your analytics nodes and improved customization of your analytics query performance.

  • JSCBC-508: Added ability to specify custom N1QL query options via a new rawParam option.

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-506: Fixed gets showing as stores in traces.

  • JSCBC-505: Fixed issue where Node.js event loop could get stuck running.

  • JSCBC-502: Fixed touch operations doing getAndTouch instead.

  • JSCBC-510: Fixed dropPrimaryIndex throwing exceptions.

  • JSCBC-509: Exposed some internal builders for promisification.

  • JSCBC-500: Added additional documentation to Bucket.mutateIn method.

  • JSCBC-499: Clarified options for Bucket.lookupIn method.

  • JSCBC-507: Updated to latest libcouchbase (2.9.5).

Version 2.5.1 (27 July 2018)

Version 2.5.1 is the first maintenance release of the 2.5 series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.5.1

New Features

  • JSCBC-457: Implemented new FTS Index Management API.

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-486: Corrected memory leak of libcouchbase trace spans.

  • JSCBC-487: Update to latest libcouchbase version (2.9.3).

  • Various minor bug fixes.

Version 2.5.0 (5 July 2018)

Version 2.5.0 is the first general availability release of the 2.5 series. It adds support for the upcoming Couchbase Server 5.5.

$ npm install couchbase@2.5.0

New Features

  • JSCBC-477: Added handling of incorrect certificate authentications configurations.

  • JSCBC-476: Added handling of incorrect mixed authentications configurations.

  • JSCBC-123: Added logging integration with libcouchbase.

  • JSCBC-472: Added additional libcouchbase build restrictions.

  • Updated to latest dependencies.

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-482: Updated to latest libcouchbase version (2.9.2).

  • JSCBC-481: Fixed missing methods for FTS querying.

  • JSCBC-471: Fixed issue with double destruction of internal io instances.

  • Corrected minor inline documentation errors.

Known Issues

  • A memory leak was found within this release related to the creation of tracing spans. Users are encouraged to update to the 2.5.1 release of the SDK or to disable tracing temporarily until the upgrade is completed by specifying enable_tracing=false in their connection string.

Version 2.4.5 (7 March 2018)

Version 2.4.5 is a maintenance release for the 2.4.x series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.4.5

New Features

  • JSCBC-445: Added support for network compression.

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-450: Fix incorrect query parameters for FTS numeric range facets.

  • JSCBC-452: Fix possible crash when closing buckets.

  • JSCBC-455: Updated all dependencies.

  • JSCBC-454: Upgraded to libcouchbase 2.8.5

Version 2.4.4 (7 February 2018)

Version 2.4.4 is a maintenance release for the 2.4.x series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.4.4

New Features

  • JSCBC-408: Added method for pinging the server.

  • JSCBC-390: Added method for getting diagnostic info from the client.

  • JSCBC-438: Added support for certificate-based authentication.

  • JSCBC-447: Updated all dependancies

  • JSCBC-446: Updated to libcouchbase 2.8.4

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-435: Added missing multi-value sub-document operations.

Version 2.4.3 (5 December 2017)

Version 2.4.3 is a maintenance release for the 2.4.x series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.4.3

New Features

  • JSCBC-430: Added initial support for IPv6.

  • JSCBC-439: Added ability to fetch couchbase library from a bucket.

  • JSCBC-434: Updated all dependancies to latest releases.

  • JSCBC-436: Update to latest libcouchbase (2.8.3).

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-440: Fixed issue where tests did not end gracefully.

  • JSCBC-433: Fixed issue with incorrect DocIdQuery creation.

  • JSCBC-432: Fixed issue with missing BooleanFieldQuery methods.

  • Various minor fixes.

Version 2.4.2 (7 November 2017)

Version 2.4.2 is a maintenance release for the 2.4.x series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.4.2

New Features

  • JSCBC-423: Added support for Analytics authentication.

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-428: Improved error handling for network errors during HTTP requests.

  • JSCBC-424: Fix a crash in N1QL introduced in 2.4.0.

  • JSCBC-422: Added missing methods to Search querying.

  • Various minor fixes.

Version 2.4.1 (3 October 2017)

Version 2.4.1 is a maintenance release for the 2.4.x series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.4.1

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-420: Fixed issue causing getReplica to fail in some instances.

  • JSCBC-377: Correctly handle N1QL errors during result set streaming.

Version 2.4.0 (7 September 2017)

Version 2.4.0 is the first general availability release of the 2.4 series. It adds new features for Couchbase Server 5.0.

$ npm install couchbase@2.4.0

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-418: Enabled Server 5.0 error mapping.

  • JSCBC-419: Updated to latest libcouchbase (2.8.0).

  • JSCBC-404: Added additional Server 5.0 N1QL options.

Version 2.3.7 (22 August 2017)

Version 2.3.7 is a maintenance release for the 2.x series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.3.7

Fixed Issues {#fixed-issues-8 style="text-align:left"}

  • JSCBC-406: Enable SSL on built-in libcouchbase build.

  • JSCBC-411: Implemented usage of CouchbaseMock for integrated testing.

  • Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.3.6 (3 August 2017)

Version 2.3.6 is a maintenance release for the 2.x series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.3.6

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-397: Send view query keys via POST rather than GET.

  • JSCBC-400: Don’t include empty data in management errors.

  • JSCBC-393: Implemented domain option on user management APIs.

  • JSCBC-398: Updated to latest libcouchbase (2.7.6).

  • Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.3.5 (12 July 2017)

Version 2.3.5 is a minor release for the 2.x series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.3.5

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-395: Fixed issue causing buildDeferredIndexes to error.

  • JSCBC-396: Fixed issue where getIndexes returned unexpected indexes.

  • JSCBC-384: Implemented experimental 5.0.0 user management API.

  • JSCBC-386: Fixed issue with subdoc legacy createParents.

  • Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.3.4 (7 June 2017)

Version 2.3.4 is a minor release for the 2.x series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.3.4

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-342: Added experimental support for extended attributes.

  • JSCBC-365: Added support for new FTS geo and sorting features.

  • JSCBC-381: Fixed subdocument exists returning incorrect results.

  • JSCBC-382: Update to libcouchbase v2.7.5.

  • Updated to latest prebuild installation flow.

  • Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.3.3 (2 May 2017)

Version 2.3.3 is a minor release for the 2.x series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.3.3

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-356: Implemented an role-based authenticator.

  • JSCBC-368: Updated RBAC user management with new API endpoints.

  • JSCBC-372: Implemented method to allow flushing of the query cache.

  • JSCBC-375: Exposed all libcouchbase error codes to Node.js.

  • JSCBC-371: Update to libcouchbase v2.7.4.

  • Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.3.2 (4 April 2017)

Version 2.3.2 is a minor release for the 2.x series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.3.2

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-361: Implement experimental role-based user management.

  • JSCBC-363: Update to libcouchbase v2.7.3.

  • Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.3.1 (7 March 2017)

Version 2.3.1 is a minor release for the 2.x series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.3.1

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-353: Do not corrupt BooleanQuery should value.

  • JSCBC-352: Update to latest dependencies and fix build warnings.

  • JSCBC-358: Update to libcouchbase v2.7.2.

  • Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.3.0 (4 January 2017)

Version 2.3.0 is a server-aligned release for the 2.x series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.3.0

Fixed Issues

  • All server 4.6 feature APIs have been moved from uncommitted to committed.

  • JSCBC-343: Updated to libcouchbase 2.7.0.

  • JSCBC-341: Implement latest changes to FTS RFC.

  • Added support for FTS pretty option.

Version 2.2.5 (7 December 2016)

Version 2.2.5 is a bug-fix release for the 2.2 serries.

$ npm install couchbase@2.2.5

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-340: Added queue data-structure support.

  • JSCBC-328: Fix bug with cluster management error handling.

  • Fixed bug which could cause an infinite recursion.

  • Renamed some data-structures related methods.

Version 2.2.4 (1 November 2016)

Version 2.2.4 is a bug-fix release for the 2.2 series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.2.4

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-339: Added experimental support for CBAS.

Version 2.2.3 (4 October 2016)

Version 2.2.3 is a bug-fix release of the 2.2 series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.2.3

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-326: Added ability to specify batch size for getMulti.

  • JSCBC-273: Implement data-structures as per current RFC.

  • JSCBC-329: Do not invoke callbacks within callback try-catch blocks.

  • JSCBC-334: Fix incorrect bucket name references in index management API.

  • JSCBC-331: Updated to latest cluster-level-auth RFC.

  • JSCBC-336: Updated to libcouchbase 2.6.3

  • Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.2.2 (2 August 2016)

Version 2.2.2 is a bug-fix release of the 2.2 series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.2.2

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-313: Improved documentation of Couchbase Search API.

  • JSCBC-322: Fixed minor API bugs in Couchbase Search API.

  • JSCBC-306: Improve error handling of management operations.

  • JSCBC-316: Fix crash in certain MDS cluster configurations.

  • JSCBC-321: Updated to libcouchbase v2.6.2.

  • Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.2.1 (23 June 2016)

Version 2.2.1 is a minor bug-fix release of the 2.2 series.

$ npm install couchbase@2.2.1

Fixed Issues

  • Corrected incorrect sub-document API method names.

Version 2.2.0 (21 June 2016)

Version 2.2.0 is the first general availability release of the 2.2 series. It adds new features for N1QL query, performance enhancements and supports the developer preview full text search available in Couchbase Server 4.5. A number of these features were added as uncommitted API in the 2.1 series and are now promoted to committed API.

$ npm install couchbase@2.2.0

New Features and Behavioral Changes

  • JSCBC-281: Support for Index Management.

  • JSCBC-274: Support for Sub-Document API.

  • JSCBC-381: Support for Couchbase Server Full Text Search (FTS) Developer Preview.

Fixed Issues

  • JSCBC-306: Bucket management operations do not indicate status code errors.

  • JSCBC-305: Query options consistency and ConsistentWith do not behave as expected with regard to their exclusivity.