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Download and API Reference

Installing the PHP SDK is similar to installing many other PHP extensions.

You can download and install the PHP SDK through either the use of PECL or a downloaded archive, depending on the version you need.


Before you install the PHP SDK, you must install the C SDK.

Current Release (2.1.0)

On any Linux platform, use PECL to download and install the couchbase module:

$ pecl install couchbase

When using Microsoft Windows, download one of the following prebuilt binaries, matching your environment because PECL does not currently support building for Windows. You also have the option of downloading the source for the SDK and building it directly.

Previous Releases

Previous releases are also available through PECL. On the command line, specify the specific version you want to install. As with our current releases, you can also download prebuilt binaries, listed below.

$ pecl install couchbase-2.0.0