Scan Consistency Using the PHP SDK with Couchbase Server

    You can balance performance against consistency in N1QL queries via the Couchbase PHP client and the AtPlus option.

    Setting a Scan Consistency, lets you choose between NOT_BOUNDED (the default), for sharpest performance; REQUEST_PLUS, for strongest consistency; and AT_PLUS, for a good balance between increased performance and completeness of results.

    The following example — for which mutation tokens must be enabled during connection — shows AT_PLUS in action:

    $cluster = new \Couchbase\Cluster('couchbase://');
    $bucket = $cluster->openBucket('default');
    $RANDOM_NUMBER = rand(0, 10000000);
    $result = $bucket->upsert('user:'.$RANDOM_NUMBER, array(
        "name" => array("Brass", "Doorknob"),
        "email" => "",
        "random" => $RANDOM_NUMBER)
    // construct mutation state from the list of mutation results
    $mutationState = \Couchbase\MutationState::from($result);
    $query = \Couchbase\N1qlQuery::fromString(
        'SELECT name, email, random, META(default).id FROM default WHERE $1 IN name'
    // If this line is removed, the latest 'random' field might not be present
    printf("Expecting random: %d\n",  $RANDOM_NUMBER);
    $result = $bucket->query($query);
    foreach ($result->rows as $row) {
        printf("Name: %s, Email: %s, Random: %d\n", implode(" ", $row->name), $row->email, $row->random);
        if ($row->random == $RANDOM_NUMBER) {
            echo "!!! Found or newly inserted document !!!\n";
        if (getenv("REMOVE_DOORKNOBS")) {
            echo "Removing " . $row->id . " (Requested via env)\n";