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Client Settings

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    Client settings

    Beyond the connection string, most settings are changed by calls to libcouchbase — refer to the API doc on lcb_cntl() and the settings list.

    Commonly Used Options

    The defaults above have been carefully considered and in general it is not recommended to make changes without expert guidance or careful testing of the change. Some options may be commonly used together in certain envionments or to achieve certain effects.

    Constrained Network Environments

    Though wide area network (WAN) connections are not directly supported, some development and non-critical operations activities across a WAN are convenient. These settings are some you may want to consider adjusting:

    • Connect Timeout to 30s

    • Key-Value Timeout to 5s

    • Config Poll Interval to 10s

    • Circuit Breaker ErrorThresholdPercentage to 75

    A program using the SDK can also use the waitUntilReady() API call to handle all connection negotiations and related errors at one place. It may be useful to block in, for example, a basic console testing application for up to 30 seconds before proceeding in the program to perform data operations. See the API reference for further details.