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Setting up logging

The Python SDK provides log messages via the C library. Logging may be configured either directly from within the C library (via an environment variable), or using Python’s standard logging module.

Read more about the LCB_LOGLEVEL environment variable at (from the C library documentation).

Enabling Logging via Environment Variables

This option is recommended for quick one-off debugging to determine what the library is doing.

Enabling logging via environment variables will simply have the internal C library log to the standard error stream (stderr). Set LCB_LOGLEVEL environment variable to a number between 1 to 5 (with 5 being the most verbose). See Setting up logging for more information.

Enabling Logging using Python’s logging module

This option is recommended for applications already using Python’s logging module. To enable logging, call the couchbase.enable_logging() function. This will make the C library call into Python’s logging routines. The root couchbase logger is called couchbase.

Using the logging module
import logging
import sys

import couchbase
from couchbase.bucket import Bucket

logging.basicConfig(stream=sys.stderr, level=logging.DEBUG)

c = Bucket('couchbase://localhost/default')
c.upsert('key', ['value'])
INFO:couchbase:Initializing Couchbase logging. lcb_version=('2.4.7', 132103)
DEBUG:couchbase.confmon:[0] Preparing providers (this may be called multiple times) (L:89)
DEBUG:couchbase.confmon:[0] Provider FILE is DISABLED (L:99)
DEBUG:couchbase.confmon:[0] Provider CCCP is ENABLED (L:96)
DEBUG:couchbase.confmon:[0] Provider HTTP is ENABLED (L:96)
DEBUG:couchbase.confmon:[0] Provider MCRAW is DISABLED (L:99)
DEBUG:couchbase.confmon:[0] Start refresh requested (L:292)
DEBUG:couchbase.confmon:[0] Current provider is CCCP (L:271)
INFO:couchbase.cccp:[0] Requesting connection to node localhost:11210 for CCCP configuration (L:118)
DEBUG:couchbase.lcbio_mgr:[0] <localhost:11210> (HE=0x7fd3a3811e00) Creating new connection because none are available in the pool (L:416)
DEBUG:couchbase.lcbio_mgr:[0] <localhost:11210> (HE=0x7fd3a3811e00) Starting connection on I=0x7fd3a2420db0 (L:321)
INFO:couchbase.connection:[0] <localhost:11210> (SOCK=0x7fd3a2701fd0) Starting. Timeout=2000000us (L:441)
DEBUG:couchbase.connection:[0] <localhost:11210> (SOCK=0x7fd3a2701fd0) Got event handler for new connection (L:258)
DEBUG:couchbase.connection:[0] <localhost:11210> (SOCK=0x7fd3a2701fd0) Scheduling asynchronous watch for socket. (L:305)
DEBUG:couchbase.connection:[0] <localhost:11210> (SOCK=0x7fd3a2701fd0) Got event handler for new connection (L:258)
INFO:couchbase.connection:[0] <localhost:11210> (SOCK=0x7fd3a2701fd0) Connected  (L:116)