Scan Consistency Using the Python SDK with Couchbase Server

You can balance performance against consistency in N1QL queries via the Couchbase Python client and the AtPlus option.

Setting a Scan Consistency, lets you choose between NOT_BOUNDED (the default), for sharpest performance; REQUEST_PLUS, for strongest consistency; and AT_PLUS, for a good balance between increased performance and completeness of results.

The following example — for which mutation tokens must be enabled during connection — shows AT_PLUS in action, using consistentWith(MutationState):

#!/usr/bin/env python
import time

from couchbase.bucket import Bucket
from couchbase.n1ql import N1QLQuery, MutationState

TIMESTAMP = str(time.time())

cb = Bucket('couchbase://localhost/default?fetch_mutation_tokens=true')
rv = cb.upsert('ndoc', {'timestamp': TIMESTAMP})

ms = MutationState()

query = N1QLQuery('SELECT * from default WHERE timestamp=$1', TIMESTAMP)
print query.encoded

for row in cb.n1ql_query(query):
    print row