Couchbase C Client  2.10.0
Asynchronous C Client for Couchbase
Public API

Detailed Description

Public API Routines


This covers the functions and structures of the library which are public interfaces. These consist of functions decorated with LIBCOUCHBASE_API and which are defined in the libcouchbase header directory.


 Full Text Search
 Search for strings in documents and more.
 Register crypto-providers and working with encrypted fields of the documents.
 Execute N1QL/Analytics queries.
 Views (Map-Reduce)
 Higher level API which splits view results into rows.
 Preview APIs for performing commands.
 Miscellaneous Commands
 Additional miscellaneous commands which can be executed on the server.
 Clear the contents of a bucket.
 Send NOOP command to server.
 Broadcast NOOP-like commands to each service in the cluster.
 HTTP Client
 Access Couchbase HTTP APIs.
 Advanced Scheduling
 Additional functions for scheduling operations.
 Library destruction routines.
 Cluster Information
 These functions return status information about the handle, the current connection, and the number of nodes found within the cluster.
 Get/Set Library Options.
 Determine how long operations are taking to be completed.
 Build Information
 Get library version and supported features.
 End to end tracing
 Tracing operations through SDK and the Cluster.
 Error Codes
 Status codes returned by the library.
 Network I/O
 Raw packet forwarding and dispatch routines
 These functions perform packet forwarding functions to send and receive raw packets.
 Sub-Document API
 Experimental in-document API access.


file  tracing.h
 End to end tracing.