Couchbase C Client  3.2.0
Asynchronous C Client for Couchbase
Deprecated Interfaces
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Interface Attributes
Class lcb_buf_info
Ringbuffers are no longer used this way by the library for I/O
Class lcb_io_writebuf_t
Global lcb_ioC_read_callback )(lcb_sockdata_t *sd, lcb_SSIZE nread)
Global lcb_ioC_read_fn )(lcb_io_opt_t, lcb_sockdata_t *, lcb_ioC_read_callback)
See lcb_ioC_read2_fn().
Global lcb_ioC_wballoc_fn )(lcb_io_opt_t, lcb_sockdata_t *)
See lcb_ioC_write2_fn().
Global lcb_ioC_wbfree_fn )(lcb_io_opt_t, lcb_sockdata_t *, lcb_io_writebuf_t *)
See lcb_ioC_write2_fn().
Global lcb_ioC_write_callback )(lcb_sockdata_t *, lcb_io_writebuf_t *, int)
See lcb_ioC_write2_fn().
Global lcb_ioC_write_fn )(lcb_io_opt_t, lcb_sockdata_t *, lcb_io_writebuf_t *, lcb_ioC_write_callback)
Global lcb_ioE_event_cancel_fn )(lcb_io_opt_t iops, lcb_socket_t sock, void *event)
lcb_ioE_event_watch_fn() should be used with 0 for events
Global lcb_sockdata_t::closed
No longer used by the library
Global lcb_sockdata_t::read_buffer
No longer used by the library