Couchbase C Client  3.3.12
Asynchronous C Client for Couchbase
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Get library version and supported features

These functions and macros may be used to conditionally compile features depending on the version of the library being used. They may also be used to employ various features at runtime and to retrieve the version for informational purposes.


LCB_EXTERN_VAR const lcb_U32 lcb_version_g
 Global/extern variable containing the version of the library.

Function Documentation

◆ lcb_get_version()

const char * lcb_get_version ( lcb_U32 * version)

Get the version of the library.

versionwhere to store the numeric representation of the version (or NULL if you don't care)
the textual description of the version ('\0' terminated). Do not try to release this string.

◆ lcb_supports_feature()

int lcb_supports_feature ( int n)
Determine if this version has support for a particularl feature
nthe feature ID to check for
0 if not supported, nonzero if supported.

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libcouchbase hex version

This number contains the hexadecimal representation of the library version. It is in a format of 0xXXYYZZ where XX is the two digit major version (e.g. 02), YY is the minor version (e.g. 05) and ZZ is the patch version (e.g. 24).

For example:

String Hex
2.0.0 0x020000
2.1.3 0x020103
3.0.15 0x030015



The SCM revision ID.

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