Couchbase C Client  3.3.10
Asynchronous C Client for Couchbase
Views (Map-Reduce)

Detailed Description

Higher level API which splits view results into rows.


lcb_STATUS lcb_respview_status (const lcb_RESPVIEW *resp)
lcb_STATUS lcb_respview_cookie (const lcb_RESPVIEW *resp, void **cookie)
lcb_STATUS lcb_respview_key (const lcb_RESPVIEW *resp, const char **key, size_t *key_len)
lcb_STATUS lcb_respview_doc_id (const lcb_RESPVIEW *resp, const char **doc_id, size_t *doc_id_len)
lcb_STATUS lcb_respview_row (const lcb_RESPVIEW *resp, const char **row, size_t *row_len)
lcb_STATUS lcb_respview_document (const lcb_RESPVIEW *resp, const lcb_RESPGET **doc)
lcb_STATUS lcb_respview_http_response (const lcb_RESPVIEW *resp, const lcb_RESPHTTP **http)
lcb_STATUS lcb_respview_handle (const lcb_RESPVIEW *resp, lcb_VIEW_HANDLE **handle)
lcb_STATUS lcb_respview_error_context (const lcb_RESPVIEW *resp, const lcb_VIEW_ERROR_CONTEXT **ctx)
int lcb_respview_is_final (const lcb_RESPVIEW *resp)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdview_create (lcb_CMDVIEW **cmd)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdview_destroy (lcb_CMDVIEW *cmd)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdview_parent_span (lcb_CMDVIEW *cmd, lcbtrace_SPAN *span)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdview_callback (lcb_CMDVIEW *cmd, lcb_VIEW_CALLBACK callback)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdview_design_document (lcb_CMDVIEW *cmd, const char *ddoc, size_t ddoc_len)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdview_view_name (lcb_CMDVIEW *cmd, const char *view, size_t view_len)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdview_option_string (lcb_CMDVIEW *cmd, const char *optstr, size_t optstr_len)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdview_post_data (lcb_CMDVIEW *cmd, const char *data, size_t data_len)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdview_include_docs (lcb_CMDVIEW *cmd, int include_docs)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdview_max_concurrent_docs (lcb_CMDVIEW *cmd, uint32_t num)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdview_no_row_parse (lcb_CMDVIEW *cmd, int flag)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdview_handle (lcb_CMDVIEW *cmd, lcb_VIEW_HANDLE **handle)
lcb_STATUS lcb_cmdview_timeout (lcb_CMDVIEW *cmd, uint32_t timeout)
lcb_STATUS lcb_view (lcb_INSTANCE *instance, void *cookie, const lcb_CMDVIEW *cmd)
lcb_STATUS lcb_view_cancel (lcb_INSTANCE *instance, lcb_VIEW_HANDLE *handle)


typedef struct lcb_RESPVIEW_ lcb_RESPVIEW
typedef struct lcb_CMDVIEW_ lcb_CMDVIEW
typedef struct lcb_VIEW_HANDLE_ lcb_VIEW_HANDLE
 Pointer for request instance.
typedef void(* lcb_VIEW_CALLBACK) (lcb_INSTANCE *instance, int cbtype, const lcb_RESPVIEW *row)
 Callback function invoked for each row returned from the view. More...

Typedef Documentation


typedef void(* lcb_VIEW_CALLBACK) (lcb_INSTANCE *instance, int cbtype, const lcb_RESPVIEW *row)

Callback function invoked for each row returned from the view.

instancethe library handle
cbtypethe callback type. This is set to LCB_CALLBACK_VIEWQUERY
rowInformation about the current row

Note that this callback's row->rflags will contain the LCB_RESP_F_FINAL flag set after all rows have been returned. Applications should check for the presence of this flag. If this flag is present, the row itself will contain the raw response metadata in its lcb_RESPVIEWQUERY::value field.