Couchbase C Client  3.2.4
Asynchronous C Client for Couchbase
cbcrc(4) - Configuration file for Couchbase command line tools




cbcrc is an optional configuration file used to provide default values for the cbc(1) and cbc-pillowfight(1) utilities. It should be placed in

Each entry in the cbcrc file is a line with a key-value pair in the following form:

# optional comments

The keys may be specified in random order, and if you specify the same key multiple times the last value "wins". The following keys exists:

  • connstr: This is the URI-like string used to connect to the cluster. Its format consists of a scheme followed by a list of hosts, an optional bucket for the path and an optional ? followed by key-value options.

    Using custom REST API ports


    Using custom memcached ports:


  • user: This is the user name used during authentication to your bucket
  • password: This is the password used during authentication to your bucket
  • timeout: The timeout value to use for the operations.


  • You can generate such a file from the cbc(1) itself using the write-config subcommand
  • Most other options can be specified within the connection string


cbc(1), cbc-pillowfight(1)