Class LatencyMetric

  • public class LatencyMetric
    extends Object
    A latency metric value object which contains percentile and other related information.
    Michael Nitschinger
    • Constructor Detail

      • LatencyMetric

        public LatencyMetric​(long min,
                             long max,
                             long count,
                             Map<Double,​Long> percentiles,
                             TimeUnit unit)
    • Method Detail

      • min

        public long min()
        The minimum latency recorded in the interval.
      • max

        public long max()
        The maximum latency recorded in the interval.
      • count

        public long count()
        The number of latency entries recorded in the interval.
      • percentiles

        public Map<Double,​Long> percentiles()
        Configured latencies with their values recorded in the interval.
      • timeUnit

        public TimeUnit timeUnit()
        Returns the time unit for the percentiles, min and max values.
      • export

        public Map<String,​Object> export()
        Exports this object to a plain map structure which can be easily converted into other target formats.
        the exported structure.