Class RequestCancelledException

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    public class RequestCancelledException
    extends CouchbaseException
    This exception is thrown when there is a problem in the underlying network I/O. Non-idempotent requests should be retried carefully while retrying idempotent ones is more straight forward. Events that trigger this exception are - The underlying connection to a particular endpoint on the server is closed after the request is dispatched. So the outstanding requests in flight are cancelled out. It is not definitive if the operation indeed succeeded on the server and the socket error happened while a response was on its way out. - The request cannot be dispatched to the server's endpoint due to various reasons like downed node, request queue limit, particular service failure on the node,... If the failure was due to request queue limit, try increasing the value on the system property "com.couchbase.sentRequestQueueLimit". The SDK will automatically retry the request based on the retry strategy - Best Effort will retry until maxRequestLifetime and Fail Fast will cancel the request immediately.
    Michael Nitschinger, Subhashni Balakrishnan
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      • RequestCancelledException

        public RequestCancelledException()
      • RequestCancelledException

        public RequestCancelledException​(String message)
      • RequestCancelledException

        public RequestCancelledException​(String message,
                                         Throwable cause)
      • RequestCancelledException

        public RequestCancelledException​(Throwable cause)