Class DefaultMemcachedBucketConfig

    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultMemcachedBucketConfig

        public DefaultMemcachedBucketConfig​(ConfigParserEnvironment env,
                                            long rev,
                                            String uuid,
                                            String name,
                                            String uri,
                                            String streamingUri,
                                            List<NodeInfo> nodeInfos,
                                            List<PortInfo> portInfos,
                                            List<BucketCapabilities> bucketCapabilities,
                                            String origin)
        Creates a new MemcachedBucketConfig.
        env - the bootstrap part of environment object.
        rev - the revision of the config.
        name - the name of the bucket.
        uri - the URI for this bucket.
        streamingUri - the streaming URI for this bucket.
        nodeInfos - related node information.
        portInfos - port info for the nodes, including services.
    • Method Detail

      • tainted

        public boolean tainted()
        Description copied from interface: BucketConfig
        Returns true if the config indicates the cluster is undergoing a transition (such as a rebalance operation).
        Specified by:
        tainted in interface BucketConfig
        true if a transition is in progress.
      • rev

        public long rev()
        Description copied from interface: BucketConfig
        Revision number (optional) for that configuration.
        Specified by:
        rev in interface BucketConfig
        the rev number, might be 0.
      • nodeForId

        public String nodeForId​(byte[] id)
        Description copied from interface: MemcachedBucketConfig
        Returns the target node address for the given document id.
        Specified by:
        nodeForId in interface MemcachedBucketConfig
        id - the id for the document.
        the node address for the given document id.
      • hasFastForwardMap

        public boolean hasFastForwardMap()
        Description copied from interface: BucketConfig
        Returns true if the config has a fast forward map that describes what the topology of the cluster will be after the current rebalance operation completes.
        Specified by:
        hasFastForwardMap in interface BucketConfig
        true if it does, false otherwise.