Class HttpLoader

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    public class HttpLoader
    extends AbstractLoader
    Loads a raw bucket configuration through the Couchbase Server HTTP config interface.
    Michael Nitschinger
    • Constructor Detail

      • HttpLoader

        public HttpLoader​(ClusterFacade cluster,
                          CoreEnvironment environment)
        Creates a new HttpLoader.
        cluster - the cluster reference.
        environment - the environment to use.
    • Method Detail

      • port

        protected int port​(String hostname)
        Description copied from class: AbstractLoader
        Port to use for the ServiceType. This method needs to be implemented by the actual loader and defines the port which should be used to connect the service to. In practice, the actual port may depend on the environment (i.e. if SSL is used or not).
        Specified by:
        port in class AbstractLoader
        the port for the service to enable.
      • discoverConfig

        protected rx.Observable<String> discoverConfig​(String bucket,
                                                       String username,
                                                       String password,
                                                       String hostname)
        Description copied from class: AbstractLoader
        Run the BucketConfig discovery process.
        Specified by:
        discoverConfig in class AbstractLoader
        bucket - the name of the bucket.
        username - user authorized for bucket access.
        password - the password of the user.
        hostname - the hostname of the seed node list.
        a raw config if discovered.