Class SplitPositionBufProcessor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ByteBufProcessor, ByteProcessor

    public class SplitPositionBufProcessor
    extends AbstractStringAwareBufProcessor
    implements ByteBufProcessor
    A ByteBufProcessor to find the position of a single character usable as a split pivot. Applying this to a buffer will output the position of the closing of the section, relative to that buffer's readerIndex, or -1 if the end of the section couldn't be found. Note that this processor is typically used to find split positions in a JSON array inside a streaming JSON response (in which case the constructor variant that detects JSON strings should be used). It is invoked on a ByteBuf by calling ByteBuf#forEachByte(ByteBufProcessor) methods.
    Simon Baslé
    • Constructor Detail

      • SplitPositionBufProcessor

        public SplitPositionBufProcessor​(char splitChar)
        splitChar - the split character to find.
      • SplitPositionBufProcessor

        public SplitPositionBufProcessor​(char splitChar,
                                         boolean detectJsonString)
        splitChar - the split character to find.
        detectJsonString - set to true to not inspect bytes detected as being part of a String.