Class CoreScheduler

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    public class CoreScheduler
    extends rx.Scheduler
    implements ShutdownHook
    The Core scheduler which is modeled after the Event Loops Scheduler (which is package private).
    Michael Nitschinger, Simon Baslé
    • Constructor Detail

      • CoreScheduler

        public CoreScheduler​(int poolSize)
        Create a scheduler with specified pool size and using least-recent worker selection policy.
    • Method Detail

      • start

        public void start()
      • createWorker

        public rx.Scheduler.Worker createWorker()
        Specified by:
        createWorker in class rx.Scheduler
      • scheduleDirect

        public rx.Subscription scheduleDirect​(rx.functions.Action0 action)
        Schedules the action directly on one of the event loop workers without the additional infrastructure and checking.
        action - the action to schedule
        the subscription