Class KeyValueServiceConfig

  • public final class KeyValueServiceConfig
    extends AbstractServiceConfig
    Allows to configure a KV Service on a per-node basis.
    Michael Nitschinger
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      • create

        public static KeyValueServiceConfig create​(int endpoints)
        Creates a new configuration for the KV service. Note that because the KV service does not support dynamic pooling, only a fixed number of endpoints per node can be provided. KV connections are expensive to create and should be reused as much as possible. As a rule of thumb, the default of DefaultCoreEnvironment.KEYVALUE_ENDPOINTS provides the best performance. If the load is very spiky and comes in batches, then increasing the number of endpoints can help to "drain the pipe" faster but comes at the cost of keeping more connections open.
        endpoints - the number of endpoints (sockets) per node, fixed.
        the created KeyValueServiceConfig.