Interface BinarySubdocRequest

    • Method Detail

      • path

        String path()
        Returns the **path** inside a JSON document where values will be obtained/mutated. Some sub-document operations authorize the use of an empty path while other don't.
        the path to work from inside the JSON document.
      • pathLength

        int pathLength()
        the length of the path as encoded in the content() (can serve as an offset from 0 to find the path in the content).
      • content

        ByteBuf content()
        The ByteBuf bearing the full content for this request. The content is at a minimum comprised of the path() as UTF8 bytes, and can also have any other relevant payload appended (eg. a JSON fragment for mutative operations, see BinarySubdocMutationRequest.fragment()). This buffer is to be automatically released once the message has been written on the wire.
        the ByteBuf to serve as a memcached protocol message body.