Class ConfigLocator

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    public class ConfigLocator
    extends Object
    implements Locator
    Locates the proper CONFIG node for a given config request. Note that since the CONFIG service is not intended for high performance data ops, it does not implement the more complex logic of MDS awareness that happens in other locators like for N1QL. The consequence of this is that in MDS scenarios one config server might be hit more than once if the next one comes along, but that shouldn't be a problem at all. If this needs to be fixed at some point, take a look at the QueryLocator which recently got fixed to do all the right (but more complex) things.
    Michael Nitschinger
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      • ConfigLocator

        public ConfigLocator()
        Generates the random initial value for the round robin counter used. This will generate a random number between 0 and 1023 which is probably enough distribution to not make all queries hit the same first server all the time.
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      • locateAndDispatch

        public void locateAndDispatch​(CouchbaseRequest request,
                                      List<Node> nodes,
                                      ClusterConfig config,
                                      CoreEnvironment env,
                                      com.lmax.disruptor.RingBuffer<ResponseEvent> responseBuffer)
        Description copied from interface: Locator
        Given with the environment and node information, the implementation locates the right set of nodes and dispatches the request into them.
        Specified by:
        locateAndDispatch in interface Locator
        request - the request to dispatch.
        nodes - the current list of active nodes.
        config - the current cluster configuration.
        env - the core environment.
        responseBuffer - the response buffer for potential redistribution.