Class Buffers

  • public class Buffers
    extends Object
    Collection of utilities around ByteBuf.
    Simon Baslé, Michael Nitschinger
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        public static final rx.functions.Action1 BYTE_BUF_RELEASER
        An rx Action1 that releases (once) a non-null ByteBuf provided its refCnt is > 0.
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      • Buffers

        public Buffers()
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      • wrapColdWithAutoRelease

        public static <T> rx.Observable<T> wrapColdWithAutoRelease​(rx.Observable<T> source)
        Wrap an observable and free a reference counted item if unsubscribed in the meantime. This can and should be used if a hot observable is used as the source but it is not guaranteed that there will always be a subscriber that consumes the reference counted item. If an item is emitted by the source observable and no subscriber is attached (because it unsubscribed) the item will be freed. Note that also non reference counted items can be passed in, but there is no impact other than making it cold (in which case defer could be used). It is very important that if subscribed, the caller needs to release the reference counted item. It wil only be released on behalf of the caller when unsubscribed.
        source - the source observable to wrap.
        the wrapped cold observable with refcnt release logic.