Class ByteBufJsonParser

  • public class ByteBufJsonParser
    extends Object
    The ByteBufJsonParser allows to query for values identified by JsonPointer in Netty ByteBuf. A couple of notes: - it strictly works on UTF-8 - it is not a json validator - it parses up to the given JsonPointer paths and returns their value - it is not thread safe!
    Subhashni Balakrishnan
    • Constructor Detail

      • ByteBufJsonParser

        public ByteBufJsonParser​(JsonPointer[] jsonPointers)
        Creates a new ByteBufJsonParser and initializes all of its internal processors.
        jsonPointers - the pointers which should be set.
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        public void initialize​(ByteBuf content)
        (re)initializes this parser with new content.
        content - the content used for parsing.
      • parse

        public void parse()
                   throws EOFException
        Instructs the parser to start parsing the current buffer.
        EOFException - if parsing fails.