Class CouchbaseLoggerFactory

Direct Known Subclasses:
CommonsLoggerFactory, JdkLoggerFactory, Log4JLoggerFactory, Slf4JLoggerFactory

public abstract class CouchbaseLoggerFactory
extends Object
Creates an CouchbaseLogger or changes the default factory implementation. This factory allows you to choose what logging framework Netty should use. The default factory is Slf4JLoggerFactory. If SLF4J is not available, Log4JLoggerFactory is used. If Log4J is not available, JdkLoggerFactory is used. You can change it to your preferred logging framework before other SDK classes are loaded:
 CouchbaseLoggerFactory.setDefaultFactory(new Log4JLoggerFactory());
Please note that the new default factory is effective only for the classes which were loaded after the default factory is changed. Therefore, setDefaultFactory(CouchbaseLoggerFactory) should be called as early as possible and shouldn't be called more than once.
  • Constructor Details

    • CouchbaseLoggerFactory

      public CouchbaseLoggerFactory()
  • Method Details

    • getDefaultFactory

      public static CouchbaseLoggerFactory getDefaultFactory()
      Returns the default factory. The initial default factory is JdkLoggerFactory.
    • setDefaultFactory

      public static void setDefaultFactory​(CouchbaseLoggerFactory defaultFactory)
      Changes the default factory.
    • getRedactionLevel

      public static RedactionLevel getRedactionLevel()
      Returns the current redaction level.
    • setRedactionLevel

      public static void setRedactionLevel​(RedactionLevel redactionLevel)
      Changes the redaction level.
    • getInstance

      public static CouchbaseLogger getInstance​(Class<?> clazz)
      Creates a new logger instance with the name of the specified class.
    • getInstance

      public static CouchbaseLogger getInstance​(String name)
      Creates a new logger instance with the specified name.
    • newInstance

      protected abstract CouchbaseLogger newInstance​(String name)
      Creates a new logger instance with the specified name.