Interface PrelocatedRequest

All Superinterfaces:
CouchbaseMessage, CouchbaseRequest
All Known Implementing Classes:
AnalyticsQueryResultRequest, AnalyticsQueryStatusRequest, GenericAnalyticsRequest, GenericQueryRequest, PingRequest, PingRequest, PingRequest, PingRequest, RawAnalyticsRequest, RawQueryRequest

public interface PrelocatedRequest
extends CouchbaseRequest
A CouchbaseRequest that can be targeted at a specific node through the corresponding hostname, shortcutting the dispatch usually performed by a Locator.. Note that only some types of services perform this user-specified dispatch.
Simon Baslé
  • Method Details

    • sendTo

      String sendTo()
      The hostname to send this request to, or null to use default node location process.
      the address of the target node or null to revert to default dispatching.