Interface BinaryResponse

All Superinterfaces:
CouchbaseMessage, CouchbaseResponse, ReferenceCounted
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractKeyValueResponse, AppendResponse, CounterResponse, FailoverObserveSeqnoResponse, GetAllMutationTokensResponse, GetBucketConfigResponse, GetResponse, InsertResponse, KeyValueHandler.KeepAliveResponse, MultiLookupResponse, MultiMutationResponse, NoFailoverObserveSeqnoResponse, NoopResponse, ObserveResponse, PrependResponse, RemoveResponse, ReplaceResponse, SimpleSubdocResponse, StatResponse, TouchResponse, UnlockResponse, UpsertResponse

public interface BinaryResponse
extends CouchbaseResponse, ReferenceCounted
Marker interface which signals a binary response.
  • Method Details

    • content

      ByteBuf content()
      Contains the content of the response, potentially null or empty.
      the content.
    • bucket

      String bucket()
      The name of the bucket where this response is coming from.
      the bucket name.
    • serverStatusCode

      short serverStatusCode()
    • serverDuration

      long serverDuration()
      Returns the reported server duration, if set.
    • serverDuration

      BinaryResponse serverDuration​(long duration)
      Sets the server duration.
      duration - the duration to set.