Interface RetryStrategy

All Known Implementing Classes:
BestEffortRetryStrategy, FailFastRetryStrategy

public interface RetryStrategy
Base interface for all RetryStrategy implementations.
Michael Nitschinger
  • Method Details

    • shouldRetry

      boolean shouldRetry​(CouchbaseRequest request, CoreEnvironment environment)
      Decides whether the given CouchbaseRequest should be retried or cancelled.
      request - the request in question.
      environment - the environment for more context.
      true if it should be retried, false otherwise.
    • shouldRetryObserve

      boolean shouldRetryObserve()
      Decides whether ObserveRequests should be retried or cancelled when an error happens. When false is returned, as soon as an error happens (for example one of the nodes that need to be reached does not have an active partition because of a node failure) the whole observe sequence is aborted. If retried, errors are swallowed and the observe cycle will start again.
      true if it should be retried, false otherwise.