Class AbstractMemcacheObjectAggregator

All Implemented Interfaces:
ChannelHandler, ChannelInboundHandler
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class AbstractMemcacheObjectAggregator
extends MessageToMessageDecoder<MemcacheObject>
A ChannelHandler that aggregates an MemcacheMessage and its following MemcacheContents into a single MemcacheMessage with no following MemcacheContents. It is useful when you don't want to take care of memcache messages where the content comes along in chunks. Insert this handler after a AbstractMemcacheObjectDecoder in the ChannelPipeline.

For example, here for the binary protocol:

 ChannelPipeline p = ...;
 p.addLast("decoder", new BinaryMemcacheRequestDecoder());
 p.addLast("aggregator", new BinaryMemcacheObjectAggregator(1048576)
 p.addLast("encoder", new BinaryMemcacheResponseEncoder());
 p.addLast("handler", new YourMemcacheRequestHandler());