Class BinaryMemcacheClientCodec

All Implemented Interfaces:
ChannelHandler, ChannelInboundHandler, ChannelOutboundHandler

public final class BinaryMemcacheClientCodec
extends CombinedChannelDuplexHandler<,​>
The client codec that combines the proper encoder and decoder.

Use this codec if you want to implement a memcache client that speaks the binary protocol. It combines both the BinaryMemcacheResponseDecoder and the BinaryMemcacheRequestEncoder.

Optionally, it counts the number of outstanding responses and raises an exception if - on connection close - the list is not 0 (this is turned off by default). You can also define a chunk size for the content, which defaults to 8192. This chunk size is the maximum, so if smaller chunks arrive they will be passed up the pipeline and not queued up to the chunk size.
  • Constructor Details

    • BinaryMemcacheClientCodec

      public BinaryMemcacheClientCodec()
      Create a new BinaryMemcacheClientCodec with the default settings applied.
    • BinaryMemcacheClientCodec

      public BinaryMemcacheClientCodec​(int decodeChunkSize)
      Create a new BinaryMemcacheClientCodec and set a custom chunk size.
      decodeChunkSize - the maximum chunk size.
    • BinaryMemcacheClientCodec

      public BinaryMemcacheClientCodec​(int decodeChunkSize, boolean failOnMissingResponse)
      Create a new BinaryMemcacheClientCodec with custom settings.
      decodeChunkSize - the maximum chunk size.
      failOnMissingResponse - report if after close there are outstanding requests.