Interface BucketConfig

    • Method Detail

      • uuid

        String uuid()
        Returns the UUID of the bucket, or null if the bucket does not have a UUID.

        The UUID is an opaque value assigned when the bucket is created. If the bucket is deleted and a new bucket is created with the same name, the new bucket will have a different UUID.

        bucket UUID, or null.
      • name

        String name()
        The name of the bucket.
        name of the bucket.
      • locator

        BucketNodeLocator locator()
        The type of node locator in use for this bucket.
        the node locator type.
      • uri

        String uri()
        The HTTP Uri for this bucket configuration.
        the uri.
      • streamingUri

        String streamingUri()
        The HTTP Streaming URI for this bucket.
        the streaming uri.
      • nodes

        List<NodeInfo> nodes()
        The list of nodes associated with this bucket.
        the list of nodes.
      • tainted

        boolean tainted()
        Returns true if the config indicates the cluster is undergoing a transition (such as a rebalance operation).
        true if a transition is in progress.
      • rev

        long rev()
        Revision number (optional) for that configuration.
        the rev number, might be 0.
      • type

        BucketType type()
        The bucket type.
        the bucket type.
      • serviceEnabled

        boolean serviceEnabled​(ServiceType type)
        Check if the service is enabled on the bucket.
        type - the type to check.
        true if it is, false otherwise.
      • hasFastForwardMap

        boolean hasFastForwardMap()
        Returns true if the config has a fast forward map that describes what the topology of the cluster will be after the current rebalance operation completes.
        true if it does, false otherwise.
      • bucketCapabilities

        Set<BucketCapabilities> bucketCapabilities()
        Returns all the capabilities that are enabled and recognized on this bucket.