Class CollectionMap

  • public class CollectionMap
    extends Object
    The CollectionMap maps a locator to the encoded collection ID representation.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CollectionMap

        public CollectionMap()
    • Method Detail

      • get

        public byte[] get​(CollectionIdentifier key)
        Retrieves the collection id for the given identifier. Might return null if not found! Also it will return the default id for the default scope/collection.
        key - the key to check
        the collection id.
      • put

        public void put​(CollectionIdentifier key,
                        byte[] value)
        Stores a new collection ID with the given identifier.
        key - the key to store.
        value - the value associated.
      • hasBucketMap

        public boolean hasBucketMap​(String bucket)
        Checks if the given bucket is at all present in the map.
        bucket - the bucket name to check
        true if so, false otherwise.
      • inner

        public Map<CollectionIdentifier,​byte[]> inner()
        Returns the inner map, mainly for print/debug purposes.
        the inner map, immutable.