Class SelectBucketHandler

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    public class SelectBucketHandler
    The SelectBucketHandler is responsible for, selecting the right bucket on this KV connection.

    The reason this handler is in place that since Server 5.0 and RBAC (role based access control) one user after SASL/cert auth can have credentials for more than one bucket. To signal the server which bucket it should select, this command is used as usually the last step in the pipeline.

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      void channelActive​( ctx)  
      void channelRead​( ctx, Object msg)  
      void connect​( ctx, SocketAddress remoteAddress, SocketAddress localAddress, promise)  
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      • SelectBucketHandler

        public SelectBucketHandler​(EndpointContext endpointContext,
                                   String bucketName)
        Creates a new SelectBucketHandler.
        endpointContext - the core context used to refer to values like the core id.
        bucketName - the bucket name to select.
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        public void connect​( ctx,
                            SocketAddress remoteAddress,
                            SocketAddress localAddress,
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        public void channelActive​( ctx)
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        public void channelRead​( ctx,
                                Object msg)
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