Class ManagerMessageHandler

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    public class ManagerMessageHandler
    This handler dispatches requests and responses against the cluster manager service.

    Note that since one of the messages is a long streaming connection to get continuous updates on configs, the channel might be occupied for a long time. As a result, the upper layers (service pooling) need to be responsible for opening another handler if all the current ones are occupied.

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      void channelActive​( ctx)  
      void channelInactive​( ctx)  
      void channelRead​( ctx, Object msg)  
      void userEventTriggered​( ctx, Object evt)  
      void write​( ctx, Object msg, promise)  
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        channelReadComplete, channelRegistered, channelUnregistered, channelWritabilityChanged, exceptionCaught
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        ensureNotSharable, handlerAdded, handlerRemoved, isSharable
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        handlerAdded, handlerRemoved
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      • channelActive

        public void channelActive​( ctx)
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        channelActive in interface
        channelActive in class
      • write

        public void write​( ctx,
                          Object msg,
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        write in interface
        write in class
      • channelRead

        public void channelRead​( ctx,
                                Object msg)
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        channelRead in interface
        channelRead in class
      • channelInactive

        public void channelInactive​( ctx)
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        channelInactive in interface
        channelInactive in class
      • userEventTriggered

        public void userEventTriggered​( ctx,
                                       Object evt)
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        userEventTriggered in interface
        userEventTriggered in class