Interface Backoff

    • Field Detail


        static final Backoff ZERO_BACKOFF
    • Method Detail

      • zero

        static Backoff zero()
        Backoff function with no backoff delay
        Backoff function for zero backoff delay
      • fixed

        static Backoff fixed​(Duration backoffInterval)
        Backoff function with fixed backoff delay
        backoffInterval - backoff interval
        Backoff function with fixed backoff delay
      • exponential

        static Backoff exponential​(Duration firstBackoff,
                                   Duration maxBackoff,
                                   int factor,
                                   boolean basedOnPreviousValue)
        Backoff function with exponential backoff delay. Retries are performed after a backoff interval of firstBackoff * (factor ** n) where n is the iteration. If maxBackoff is not null, the maximum backoff applied will be limited to maxBackoff.

        If basedOnPreviousValue is true, backoff will be calculated using prevBackoff * factor. When backoffs are combined with Jitter, this value will be different from the actual exponential value for the iteration.

        firstBackoff - First backoff duration
        maxBackoff - Maximum backoff duration
        factor - The multiplicand for calculating backoff
        basedOnPreviousValue - If true, calculation is based on previous value which may be a backoff with jitter applied
        Backoff function with exponential delay