Class NetworkResolution

  • public class NetworkResolution
    extends Object
    Configuration options for the network resolution setting.
    • Field Detail

      • DEFAULT

        public static final NetworkResolution DEFAULT
        Pick whatever the server returns in the config, this is the old and backwards compatible mode (server default).
      • AUTO

        public static final NetworkResolution AUTO
        Based on heuristics discovers if internal or external resolution will be used.

        This is the default setting (not to be confused with the default mode)!

      • EXTERNAL

        public static final NetworkResolution EXTERNAL
        Pins it to external resolution.
    • Method Detail

      • valueOf

        public static NetworkResolution valueOf​(String name)
        Returns a network resolution option with the given name. This allows creating custom values not covered by the statics defined in this class, and also provides a default value of AUTO if the given name is empty or null (useful for parsing config properties).
        name - the name to use. May be null.
        a NetworkResolution with the given name, or AUTO if the given name is null or empty.
      • name

        public String name()
        Returns the wire representation of the network resolution setting.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object