Class CancellationErrorContext

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    public class CancellationErrorContext
    extends ErrorContext
    When a cancellation (i.e. timeout) occurs we do only have the information available that is currently with the request, so this context is not service-specific and just dumps what's in there.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CancellationErrorContext

        public CancellationErrorContext​(RequestContext requestContext)
      • CancellationErrorContext

        public CancellationErrorContext​(AbstractContext context)
    • Method Detail

      • injectExportableParams

        public void injectExportableParams​(Map<String,​Object> input)
        Description copied from class: AbstractContext
        This method needs to be implemented by the actual context implementations to inject the params they need for exporting.
        injectExportableParams in class ErrorContext
        input - pass exportable params in here.
      • requestContext

        public RequestContext requestContext()
        Returns the underlying request context (if present) for debug reasons.
      • getWaitUntilReadyContext

        public WaitUntilReadyContext getWaitUntilReadyContext()
        Returns the wait until ready context if present.