Class SslHandlerFactory

  • @Internal
    public class SslHandlerFactory
    extends Object
    This factory creates SslHandler based on a given configuration.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SslHandlerFactory

        public SslHandlerFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • get

        public static get​( allocator,
                                                                                         SecurityConfig config,
                                                                                         EndpointContext endpointContext)
                                                                                  throws Exception
      • opensslAvailable

        public static boolean opensslAvailable()
        True if the native ssl transport is available, false otherwise.
      • defaultCiphers

        public static List<String> defaultCiphers​(boolean nativeTlsEnabled)
        Lists the default ciphers used for this platform.

        Note that the list of ciphers can differ whether native TLS is enabled or not, so the parameter should reflect the actual security configuration used. Native TLS is enabled by default on the configuration, so if it is not overridden it should be set to true here as well.

        nativeTlsEnabled - if native TLS is enabled on the security configuration (defaults to yes there).
        the list of default ciphers.