Class KeyValueChannelContext

  • public class KeyValueChannelContext
    extends Object
    Holds context to encode KV operations based on what got negotiated in the channel.
    • Constructor Detail

      • KeyValueChannelContext

        public KeyValueChannelContext​(CompressionConfig compression,
                                      boolean collections,
                                      boolean mutationTokens,
                                      Optional<String> bucket,
                                      boolean syncReplication,
                                      boolean vattrEnabled,
                                      boolean altRequest,
                                      CollectionMap collectionMap,
                                      boolean createAsDeleted,
                                      boolean preserveTtl)
    • Method Detail

      • collectionsEnabled

        public boolean collectionsEnabled()
      • compressionEnabled

        public boolean compressionEnabled()
      • mutationTokensEnabled

        public boolean mutationTokensEnabled()
      • syncReplicationEnabled

        public boolean syncReplicationEnabled()
      • vattrEnabled

        public boolean vattrEnabled()
      • alternateRequestEnabled

        public boolean alternateRequestEnabled()
      • channelId

        public channelId()
      • createAsDeleted

        public boolean createAsDeleted()
      • preserveTtl

        public boolean preserveTtl()