Class ViewLocator

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      • ViewLocator

        public ViewLocator()
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      • checkServiceNotAvailable

        protected boolean checkServiceNotAvailable​(Request<? extends Response> request,
                                                   ClusterConfig config)
        Description copied from class: RoundRobinLocator
        Can be overridden to check if a request should be cancelled immediately that the service is not supported.

        If this method returns false, something MUST be done with the request or it will time out!

        checkServiceNotAvailable in class RoundRobinLocator
      • nodeCanBeUsed

        protected boolean nodeCanBeUsed​(Node node,
                                        Request<? extends Response> request,
                                        ClusterConfig config)
        In addition to checking that the view service is enabled, for view dispatching it is vital that a request is only ever sent to a node which has active primary KV partitions.
        nodeCanBeUsed in class RoundRobinLocator
        node - the node to check against.
        request - the request in scope.
        config - the cluster-level config.
        true if the node can be used to dispatch the request.